Poll: Trump Sinks Harder Than a Rock…Again

President Donald Trump

The Rasmussen poll, a daily tracking poll President Trump genuinely trusts, shows that his approval ratings have sunk to abysmal lows… again. The poll found that only 39% of Americans approve of the job he is doing at the White House.

Unflattering Poll Numbers

It is worth noting that Rasmussen is carried out by right-wing pollsters, so we might expect a conservative bias. The poll usually produces more positive results for the president than any other survey outfit. Even Trump once praised Rasmussen pollsters for their objectivity. For instance, two months ago he tweeted that the Rasmussen poll was one of the most accurate in last year’s elections. At the time, Trump noted that his 50% approval rating was higher than Obama’s.

Don’t expect the president to be equally enthusiastic about the new poll numbers. He will probably deflect by blasting the ‘fake news media’ and his political rivals, which he recently did:

Trump doesn’t identify his ‘enemies,’ and fails to mention that even some of his supporters want him to stop using the micro-blogging site for a while. In fact, many of his opponents are quite happy about him using Twitter especially when he embarrasses himself and his fans.

Gen. Kelly Might Turn Things Around

Some political pundits are confident that now that Gen. John Kelly is Trump’s chief of staff it would mark a new era in the Trump presidency. They’re confident the general could convince Trump to start acting more like a real president.

However, at age seventy-one, it is hard to believe one might change his character overnight. So, we expect tweet-storms to keep coming and his approval ratings to further sink, making him the least popular U.S. president in history.
Image Source: Flickr