Trump Diverts Again: First Speech Honoring Veterans Was Not Actually About Veterans

Donald Trump speaking

In his first speech honoring veterans, Trump slammed the “fake media” hard for trying to “silence” his base. Trump also reminded the audience that the press tried to stop him from becoming the POTUS, but he won, and they lost.

“The fact is the press has destroyed themselves because they went too far,”

The president also said.

Trump’s Speech Takes Awkward Turn

He thinks that the media’s big mistake was that they weren’t “smart” and “subtle.” Instead, they “used the hatchet,” so, people realized what their game was from the beginning. Trump also accused the country’s press of pushing an “agenda” which is not the American people’s agenda.

So, the address at the evangelical concert “Celebrate Freedom” was not really about the servicemen and servicewomen that sacrificed their lives for their country. It was about Trump’s ongoing feud with the press.

Trump once said that the press was the “enemy of the American people.” He accused it of running a campaign against him during the presidential race, and he usually dismisses coverage as “fake news” whenever is not to his liking.

Trump’s attitude towards the press is unprecedented. He sometimes even calls to violence on the press and fails to understand what free speech is. He routinely describes reporters as “horrible human beings,” “liars,” “psychos,” and “sleazy.” But of course they cut all of that out in his official Tweet:

Trump Gets Physical with the Press

His attitude led to physical attacks. For instance, NBC correspondent Katy Tur asked for bodyguards because she feared for her physical integrity on the campaign trail. Journalists have called Trump an “unprecedented threat” to them and their profession.

In a recent video posted by the president on Twitter, Trump is seen wrestling a journalist wearing the CNN logo over his face. The footage is an edited video of a brief appearance of Trump at WrestleMania:

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