Trumpcare Bill: More Secret Than Area 51

DHHS Secretary Thomas Price

Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, Thomas Price, has recently admitted that he hasn’t read the GOP healthcare bill. The bill is now waiting for the Congressional Budget Office’s review in great secrecy.

Republicans’ Repeal Plan so Secret Not Even Republicans Know What’s in It

The Republican plan to kill Obamacare is so secret that not even the president has seen it. Most Republicans also haven’t seen the proposed bill. However, the health secretary not knowing what’s in it is all the more concerning.

Republicans pushing for the health bill must be pleased that the American public is so busy with scandals affecting the White House that they apparently completely forgot about Trumpcare.

GOP Senators refused to disclose the plan until the CBO scores it since they reportedly haven’t reached a consensus. The non-partisan office should issue a review in two weeks’ time.

It is worth noting that Price once represented Georgia as a congressman and led the fight to dismantle Obamacare. It is one of the reasons Trump picked him to head the Department of Health and Human Services. So, since he was such a staunch critic of Obamacare, one may assume that congressional Republicans trust him with the repeal plan. In this logic, Price should have also drafted it.

Price Admits He Hasn’t Seen the Plan

However, during a Senate Appropriations hearing, he admitted that he hasn’t even seen the plan and has no clue what’s in it. When Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill) asked him if he or his staffers saw the GOP Senate’s version of Trumpcare, Price replied that he had “multiple conversations” with the Republican lawmakers, and his staffers offered technical assistance, but he hasn’t seen “any legislative language.”

Price’s answer irked Durbin because the Democrats haven’t seen the plan either and they were already asked to vote on it in a matter of days, without a CBO review or any idea of what it may contain.