Investigative Journalists Reports That Trump ‘Associate’ May Have Threatened Investors

Trump Tower in New York City

A new BuzzFeed investigation alleges President Donald Trump may have been the one behind threatening phone calls to a lawyer representing casino investors.

FBI records show one of Trump’s henchmen resorted to death threats to secure the billionaire’s businesses interests. In 2009, a man who presented himself as “Carmine” threatened to kill the wife and kids of Trump creditor Kristopher Hansen if Hansen kept “fucking with Mr. Trump”.

Carmine made the death threat via a payphone in New York City just across the street from the location where CBS was filming The Late Show With David Letterman. At the time of the call, Trump had agreed to appear on the show. Hansen was the attorney who represented the New York real estate mogul’s creditors who were at risk of losing more than a billion dollars due to Trump’s failed casino business.

The anonymous man said he’s name was “Carmine” and told Hansen that if he kept fucking with “Mr. Trump,” he and his pals would be “going to your house for your wife and kids..”

‘Carmine’ Likely One of Trump’s Bodyguards

Hansen thinks the caller was one of Trump’s security guards, but he refused to comment further. A recent journalistic investigation revealed he was a complainant. The FBI report showed the lawyer said the death threat to Holmdel Police in New Jersey and the FBI’s Newark field office.

According to the bureau’s records, the attorney received the menacing call after he returned home from a trip to solve the Trump bankruptcy case. The feds learned the call was made from a phone booth. They described the threat as an “overt extortion” and equipped the lawyer with portable devices that could record other similar phone calls.

However, because no other death threats were made, the FBI had to close the case as it had not enough evidence for prosecution.

The Trump Organization wouldn’t say if they ever had an employee called “Carmine.” One of Trump’s veteran bodyguards, Keith Schiller, refused to reply to a request for comment.
Image Source: Wikimedia