Are the Judicial Nominees Empowering White Supremacy?

Trump with a wake in the ocean

It is no secret that President Trump embraces white supremacy and encourages racism from his supporters. His views on race notwithstanding, it is dubious, and concerning that, with rare exception, almost all of his nominees are white and conservative Christians.

Trump has made over 60 nominations to the federal judiciary since he took office and only 2 of them are minorities. While on its face it may not seem a concern, the continued rhetoric and overt racism coming from the White House do not lend credence to any form of legitimacy when it comes to truly enacting the force of law from the bench.

Some of the recent appointments have even said that they would rule in favor of their religious belief over that of the Constitution, which a few years ago would have been an immediate disqualifier for the federal judiciary. The times have certainly changed.

With justices willingly and publicly stating that their version of religion should supersede the Constitution in their judicial rulings, one does not even have to wonder how these justices would rule in cases of racial disparity.

While Trump has nominated one black justice to the federal judiciary, it was done so as a maneuver to place another prominent white judge into a position to help redistrict and further enshrine into law the racist and partisan gerrymandering efforts of Alabama. The black Justice, Moorer, was nominated for Alabama’s Southern District Court.

That accomplished opening up a position for Brett Talley, who received an “F” rating from the American Bar Association, to be placed in Alabama’s capital court where he would have a larger caseload, including overseeing and ruling on voter redistricting and voter disenfranchisement cases.

Trump is making no qualms about filling the judiciary with radical justices whose only intent is to further solidify the power structure of the Trump administration while weakening and dismantling the institutions who would hold in check a President who does abuse his executive authority.

Trump embraces white supremacy because white supremacy put him in high office. It should come as no surprise that he is now returning the favor.