He Said, She Said: Contradicting Reports from Trump and His Private Lawyer

President Donald Trump signing executive order

The Trump administration and the President often contradict one another when they communicate controversial issues to the public. So, it’s no surprise that Trump’s newly-hired personal lawyer Jay Sekulow contradicted his statements more than twice in his public appearances.

Trump Admits There is an Investigation

The two men largely diverged on the existence of the investigation into president’s obstruction of justice. Sekulow contradicted Trump on Sunday when news anchors brought up the Washington Post story that Trump is being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller.

The Post claims that five anonymous sources confirmed that there is an investigation targeting the President and his obstruction of justice. In several recent tweets, Trump criticized the news outlet for citing unnamed sources but somehow confirmed the newspaper’s story:

In other words, Trump agrees with the news report that he is at the center of an investigation. The probe is primarily focused on his firing of FBI Director James Comey. Trump also puts the blame the DOJ’s leadership for Comey’s ouster, despite saying on NBC that the decision was all his.

Trump’s Private Lawyer Contradicts Trump

If even the President agrees that there is an ongoing investigation targeting him, one may expect his attorney to be on the same page. On Sunday, Sekulow had many televised appearances where he repeatedly said that his client isn’t and has never been under an investigation.

On Fox News, he told Chris Wallace that the President was not being investigated after saying Trump was being investigated for something that the Attorney General and his assistant recommended him to do. What’s more, on NBC, the lawyer told Chuck Todd that Trump’s tweet acknowledging that he is under investigation was a “response” to Washington Post’s five unnamed sources. He denied again the existence of an investigation.
Image Source: Wikimedia