Liar, Liar, Liar: Trump Lawyer Tried to Save Trump Jr.

President Donald Trump

A Washington Post report revealed earlier this week that the original excuse of Don Jr. for meeting with a Kremlin-tied attorney in June 2016 to help his father’s campaign was the work of Trump Sr.

Trump’s Lawyer Blasts The Post Report As ‘Inaccurate.’

The Post quoted “multiple people with knowledge of the deliberations” in the report, adding that the president’s personal involvement in Trump Jr’s official response and a series of previous actions could put the president and some of his close associates in “legal jeopardy.”

Special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russian government, could now probe Trump over allegations of a cover-up.

The report includes one comment from Trump’s private attorney Jay Sekulow who didn’t deny the facts in the report, but described the “characterizations” in the segment as “inaccurate, and not pertinent.”

Sekulow Lied About Trump’s Involvement

The same man, however, said on July 16 on the Meet the Press that Trump Sr. was never involved in the younger Trump’s response to criticism over his meeting with a Russian operative while acting as a surrogate for his father’s campaign.

 The president did not draft the response. The response came from Donald Trump Jr., I’m sure in consultation with his lawyer…,

Trump’s lawyer said at the time.

His remarks were likely an attempt to shield the president from any potential backlash following an investigation into his son’s efforts to collude with Russia. Don Jr.’s original story about why he agreed to meet with the Russian attorney said something about an adoption program of Russian children that Russia halted years ago in response to U.S. sanctions.

In a second statement, Don Jr. admitted that he agreed to meet with the operative because Moscow promised to give him compromising information on Hillary Clinton, which might have been “very useful” to the Trump campaign.
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