Why Trump Supporters Won’t Ditch Him

Trump supporter

Regardless of the numerous scandals which Trump was caught up in, his most loyal base still hasn’t lost trust in him. About two decades ago, any of the Trump scandals would have been enough to get him out of office.

Trump’s Base Remains Loyal

However, today, his most dedicated fans are willing to stand by their man no matter what. It doesn’t matter that Trump defended white supremacists and Neo-Nazis. Many Trump fans turned a deaf ear to criticism saying that there was violence on “both sides” and that the alt-left is packed with wannabe terrorists. Some of them even went as far as to say that the Charlottesville attack victim would have been alive if Antifa hadn’t shown up. Yeah, right.

While many of these arguments don’t hold a flame to a candle, Trump fans keep repeating them because their leader said them and no one has “better words” than him. Pretty sure Dr. Seuss and Reader Rabbit use better words.

This type of behavior was seen after every Trump scandal. It doesn’t matter that the then-presidential candidate made fun of a disabled journalist, that he threatened to start a nuclear war against North Korea, that the Russians might have tampered with the U.S. election system, and so on.

Trump Supporters Immune to Negative Press

Trump supporters somehow find enough energy to defend their leader after every scandal, no matter how huge it is. One possible reason for Trump supporters’ loyalty may be their belief that the negative coverage regarding him is “fake news.” Just like the climate change nonsense that the scientific community has invented. It snows in December, so who cares?

There will always be Trump followers that will stand by him no matter what since their allegiance to their leader is part of a cult. They don’t care about policies being carried out or Mexicans being deported, they simply completely trust Trump.
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