Trump’s Plan For Meeting With Kim Jong Un – There Is No Plan

Kim Jong Un and Trump

In what could be the most disastrous meeting in history, President Donald Trump has absolutely no strategy or plan for his upcoming talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un swiftly approach.

The meeting, which could take place in May or June, has serious international implications. It would mark the first time an American president has agreed to meet with the North Korean leader, breaking decades of precedent.

If it goes wrong, the world will be on edge about the possibility of nuclear war. If it somehow goes right, the world has to worry about what Trump offered Kim Jong Un to get his way.

Trump told reporters during a press conference at Mar-a-Lago with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday that:

“If we don’t think it’s going to be successful, we won’t have it. If the meeting when I’m there isn’t fruitful, I will respectfully leave the meeting.”

“We’ve never been in a position like this with that regime, whether it’s father, grandfather or son.”

He added that he wants to be “flexible” during the meeting.

On Wednesday, Trump revealed that CIA Director Mike Pompeo met with Kim Jong Un in North Korea and formed a “good relationship.”

South Korean President Moon Jae-in claimed on Thursday that North Korea is seemingly willing to give up their nuclear program entirely in exchange for very little.

“I don’t think denuclearization has different meanings for South and North Korea. The North is expressing a will for a complete denuclearization. They have not attached any conditions that the U.S. cannot accept, such as the withdrawal of American troops from South Korea. All they are talking about is the end of hostile policies against North Korea, followed by a guarantee of security.”

That seems really unlikely since North Korea has wanted the United States to leave South Korea for decades.

Basically, Jong Un wants to guarantee that he remains in power and that he can rule his nation the way he wants to without consequence, even if that means the North Korean people suffer. And whether Kim Jong Un will actually give up his nuclear program remains to be seen.

This could all be an elaborate ruse designed to embarrass Trump and the United States as the entire world watches. And given that both Trump and Kim Jong Un are easily provoked, this meeting could be a powder keg ready to explode.

So, Trump and his team have a plan, right?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

According to a source who spoke with Axios, Trump:

“…Thinks, ‘Just get me in the room with the guy [Kim Jong-un] and I’ll figure it out.’”

Trump also believes that this meeting is:

“…A duel of personalities” and “conceives it as a test of wills and of a contest of one man and another. How they’re going to react, how they’re going to shadow box with each other, and ultimately how they’re going to choose to act.”

Trump’s idea of a strategy is for him to just get in the room and negotiate on the fly. That’s not very reassuring considering Trump is notorious for being a poor dealmaker.

The source also said that Trump’s constant posturing and threats were his way of trying to “show dominance over Kim.”

Trump is desperate to be seen as a “great man” in history. But that makes this meeting even riskier. It suggests that Trump is willing to do anything, even make unacceptable concessions to North Korea, so he can come back to the United States and claim some sort of victory has been achieved even if it comes at a heavy price.

Trump is going to this meeting unprepared and is thinking only of his ego.

That puts him at a serious disadvantage that Kim Jong Un will not hesitate to exploit. That’s why past presidents have always set pre-conditions that North Korea must meet before a meeting can take place. Trump jumped the gun and accepted a meeting without North Korea having to do anything to earn it.

The same thing could happen with any potential deal. Again, Trump is desperate. He might agree to anything.

Any deal that is made should be closely scrutinized. That is if we aren’t already at war by the time the meeting ends.

Featured Image By Shealah Craighead Via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain.