Tariff Undermines America’s Solar Industry – Will Cost 20K Jobs Or More

Feature Image via Pixabay

President Trump told everyone when he ran for president that he would run the country just like he does his businesses. His supporters, in their everlasting ignorance of everything, rallied behind him as though that were a good thing.

The rest of us knew better.


He has kept that ‘promise’ at least. Trump is indeed running the country like he does his businesses, straight into the ground.

Last week the government shut down entirely. Trump continues to try and save dying industries like coal, all while killing environmental regulations in the name of growth. Republicans passed a trickle-down tax disaster that will add trillions to the deficit and further destroy the middle class.

Now, with his latest move against the solar industry, Trump has shown yet again that he will indeed run this country straight to ruin.


Team Trump announced recently that there would be a 30 percent tariff placed on imported solar panels. A move that will undoubtedly hurt an industry that has seen massive growth over the past decade, thanks to cheaper panels imported from overseas.

Currently, the industry imports about a third of its panels from China. There are only a couple companies in America that don’t rely on these imported goods, and those are the very ones that Trump has sided with in this case.


There are a couple of companies, Suniva and SolarWorld, and they are the ones who petitioned for the tariff in the first place. Their representatives claimed to speak for the industry when they made a request arguing it would increase profits in America to place the tariff on the imported panels.

Like all these types of companies, they want to line their own pockets and damn everyone else.

The industry tried to fight back. Representatives from other companies decided to step in. They claimed that those two firms only speak for a small percentage of the industry and attempted to use common sense and facts to reverse the decision.

Of course, Trump in his infinite never graduated from business school wisdom, has decided to side with the few. He placed the tariff on the panels and now another industry, one this country desperately needs, is in danger.


Foreign manufacturers can appeal this decision to the World Trade Organization. However, it could take years to resolve, which is plenty of time for the damage here to have been done.

Another sad day for American industry at the hands of a president who was supposed to be Making America Great Again. Someone should tell him killing progress is anything but great. He certainly proves time and again that at least the claim about running America like his business was true.

It might be the only piece of truth the man has ever spoken.


Feature Image via Pixabay