What Does Trump’s Pardon of Arpaio Mean?

Joe Arpaio delivering speech

After devastating Hurricane Harvey affected a large area of Texas over the weekend and even flooded the entire Houston, one of the country’s largest cities, questions began circling. Some of them had to do with the fact that while people were fighting for their lives (so far six people have died), the president was busy doing something else. While the authorities were fighting to rescue these people, Trump was fighting to pardon Joe Arpaio, the former Arizona Maricopa County sheriff.

A fight of his own

About a month ago, a federal judge convicted him of criminal contempt. At 85-years old, Arpaio is one of the strongest supporters of Donald Trump. According to experts, his two-decades long career was full of abuses of power. Some even claimed that people have died as a consequence of his practices. He is also known for inhumanely treating prisoners and failure to thoroughly investigate a number of sex crimes.

It’s no secret that Arpaio was one of the people who supported Trump’s many conspiracy theories. That included his baseless claim that former president Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States. It’s interesting that White House spokespersons addressed the issue over the weekend. They said that people should look at this pardon the same way they looked at those made by the other presidents. It seems they are forgetting that Obama pardoned those who deserved it, like making a mistake of possessing marijuana. This guy has legitimately harmed others and enjoyed it.

Many claimed that the president abused his power by saving someone because he was his ally and friend, not because he deserved it. As a lawless sheriff, he promoted everything that a sheriff shouldn’t have. After all, he didn’t receive the conviction for nothing. We’ll agree with the allegations.

The timing of this pardon is also interesting, as it comes right as the authorities are battling a natural disaster. Many are saying that Trump did this on purpose, to force the issue. According to others, the president maybe hoped that his act would go unnoticed. Nobody knows the true nature of his decision. However, one thing is certain. This move could prove once again the authoritarian intentions of the United States president. And as always, he’s trying to deflect from something.

Image source: Wikimedia