KGB TBT: Poland Uses Soviet Trick To Make Trump More Popular

President Donald Trump and Argentina President Mauricio Macri

During his first state visit to Poland, Trump’s right-wing fans in the European country used an old KGB trick to make him look more popular. Right-wingers in the ruling Law and Justice party plan to bus in cheering crowds when Trump is in town.

The method was widely used by the Communist party when the country was under Soviet control.

“It’s going to be huge—absolutely huge,”

the ruling party’s member Dominik Tarczynski recently said.

Poles Love Trump

He added that the people in Poland eagerly await seeing Trump. “They just love him.” Tarczynski is one of the operatives in charge with busing in dozens of his voters to give Trump a warm welcome. The tactic was routinely used by the Communist Party in Poland to greet officials coming from the Kremlin.

The Law and Justice party have been governing Poland since 2015. Over the last years, it packed the nation’s courts with appointees on its liking, staunchly opposed immigration, beefed up the military, and shaped social policies based on Catholicism.

These policies have irked other European leaders, even though they mark a growing trend seen in the U.S., Hungary, and the U.K. As a result, Trump is expected to be greeted warmly in Poland, but the Polish government is making sure that everything goes as planned.

Europe is Watching

Trump’s second overseas trip is an attempt to undo the harm from his first trip since taking office. With the U.S. president’s visit, the Polish leadership will defy Germany’s Angela Merkel and the French President Emmanuel Macron who try hard to keep the liberal block in one piece. One Polish official said that Berlin and Paris are already “envious” of Poland over Trump’s visit.

Other European officials pledged to closely monitor the visit ahead of the G20 summit where Trump will meet Putin in-person for the first time. Experts are concerned this could turn into the worst bilateral meeting this year.
Image Source: Wikimedia