Trump’s Already Coined the Re-election Slogan: “Keep America Great!”


With a few days until his inauguration, president-elect Donald Trump has come up with a re-election slogan which looks like a very natural extension of his 2016 election campaign slogan: “Keep America Great!”. The billionaire unveiled his plan on Thursday in an interview with the Washington Post.

According to the Post, Trump instructed his lawyer during the interview to trademark the new slogan “with and without an exclamation [point]”. The president-elect also told the newspaper that it hadn’t been his intention to unveil the slogan.

But I am so confident that we are going to be [great again], it is going to be so amazing. It’s the only reason I give it to you,

he added.

Trump Sets Forth Reelection Plan

He reiterated that the U.S. is going to be “great again” under his administration so the slogan couldn’t be ambiguous. However, the NYC billionaire is not the only incoming U.S. president to craft a slogan campaign years before the race. Trump coined and registered the “Make America Great Again” slogan in 2012 when Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama the presidential seat.

The slogan however is not original. It had been used by former president Ronald Reagan as campaign slogan in 1980. Yet the real estate billionaire was the first to register it.

Reagan 1980 campaign slogan
Ronald Reagan’s Let’s Make America Great Again campaign slogan from 1980.

On Thursday, Trump disclosed he has an extensive plan about his reelection: he ordered his campaign office to work on the reelection throughout the entire first term. The interview is the latest in a string of four interviews this week.

In a NYT interview, Trump was confident foreign adversaries wouldn’t “test” him after inauguration as he is no “game player” and his rivals understand that. Trump also told the NYT that he was weighing in on the possibility of a renewed probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her tenure as the country’s top diplomat. The remark comes a s a surprise as his landing team has said he would not honor that campaign promise.

President-Elect Defends his Twitter (Ab)Use

On Fox News, the real estate tycoon said he would rather stay away from Twitter but he has no other option.

Look, I don’t like tweeting. I have other things I could be doing,

he said on “Fox & Friends.”

His response comes after mounting criticism of his overuse of the microblogging platform. He explained Twitter is a necessary evil because the media and press are “very dishonest” and they “misrepresent” him. He added that if the media were “honest,” he would “absolutely not” use the social media site to get his message through.

In another interview, he told an Axios correspondent he would start off his foreign policy by treating Russia President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom he has recently blasted, equally. He added he likes to give people an equal footing in a new relationship.

In the Axios interview, he also gave more details on the controversial “insurance for everybody” slogan. He said he would take care of people who don’t afford an insurance. He added the issue was going to be very important to him after the Obamacare repeal. When Axios asked about his intelligence briefings, he acknowledged he had a lot of them. He also called some reports “scary” because they showed America has “some big enemies” both in the country and abroad and he is supposed to solve those problems.
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