Trump’s Repeated Attacks On Amazon Could Lead To His Impeachment


As if President Trump doesn’t have enough legal problems — the Russia probe, Stormy Daniels, possible violations of the Emoluments Clause —  his latest attacks on Amazon and its CEO, Jeff Bezos, could also wind up leading to Trump being removed from office.

In an editorial, The Wall Street Journal warns that Trump’s continued attacks on Amazon appear to be politically motivated, and that could create big problems for the president.

The Journal also notes that Trump is wrong the facts. On Thursday, he tweeted out:

Not only is Trump wrong, he’s got his “facts” all screwed up, the Journal reports:

“Mr. Trump’s other big gripe is that taxpayers are on the losing end of Amazon’s deal with the U.S. Postal Service. But that story is also more complicated. The Post Office has often operated at a net loss, but package volumes grew in fiscal 2017 by more than 11%, making it a rare growth market. Many of the additional 589 million boxes delivered last year came from Amazon.

“Though imperfect, the deal is mutually beneficial. The Post Office arguably needs Amazon more than Amazon needs the Post Office. The Post Office could drop Amazon as a delivery partner, but it would likely have to raise prices elsewhere or endure higher losses. Would Mr. Trump take credit for that?”

But it’s Trump’s attempt to harm Amazon financially that could wind up coming back to haunt the president, the Journal warns, and he could easily be impeached if he continues his targeting of the online retailer:

“Mr. Trump could try to unleash the Internal Revenue Service, though that would be a scandal that could be an impeachable offense,. The press and prosecutors would not give the Trump IRS the pass they gave Lois Lerner during the Obama years for targeting conservative nonprofits with extra scrutiny.

“Mr. Trump can rail against anyone he wants, but America is still a nation of laws, as Mr. Obama also discovered. This is a lesson Mr. Trump’s critics forgot as they cried wolf over a fascist takeover. The political reality is that the more Mr. Trump publicly assails Amazon, the harder it will be to take regulatory action, deserved or not.”

Once again, Donald Trump has proven that he’s his own worst enemy and will ultimately destroy himself.

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