Guess What Will Benefit Trump’s Clean Water Slash?

Donald Trump golfing

The Environmental Protection Agency is slashing Clean Water regulations like there’s no tomorrow, but little does the American public know that the deregulation push will benefit Trump’s golf business.

Trump’s Business Benefits Bigly

The Free Speech for Free People (FSFP) is already running a campaign to make people aware that slashing the rules could lead to an environmental disaster.

In February, Trump signed an executive order that partially dismantled the Clean Water Act by giving a new definition to what the law is covering. That effort pushed a dozen of Trump’s golf courses and 160,000 acres of wetlands outside the law’s reach.

The FSFP now says that Trump’s February executive order is unconstitutional since it allows the country’s chief executive to enrich himself. The advocacy group is now looking for evidence that the order benefits the president’s golf business.

The Domestic Emoluments Clause in the U.S. Constitution states that the president will receive a “compensation” for his service, but he will be barred from getting any “emolument” from the U.S. government during the time of the service.

The EPA Is Open for Public Comment

In other words, the clause bars the U.S. government and states from offering the president additional benefits. And since the said executive order benefits the Trump family’s golf business at the expense of America’s health, it is clearly illegal.

The EPA is currently analyzing the public comment for the rule that would exempt Trump’s golf courses from federal regulation. The Clean Water Act has established the restrictions Trump is trying to skirt around to prevent businesses from polluting the country’s waters and streams.

FSPS’ comment can be forwarded by any U.S. citizen along with their remarks about why the U.S. Commander in Chief should not benefit financially from his authority.
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