Queen Elizabeth II Doesn’t Mention Trump in Speech

Queen Elizabeth II

During her speech Wednesday before Parliament, Queen Elizabeth II of England did not mention Trump’s U.K. visit even once, but she did mention the visit of another foreign leader – Spain’s King Felipe- in July. The Independent speculates that Trump may not visit the U.K. earlier than 2019.

Trump’s U.K. Visit Could Be Postponed

Trump’s visit to the U.K. would have been a courtesy to Prime Minister Theresa May’s invitation when she visited the White House earlier this year. However, Trump is concerned that the trip may spark violent protests in London.

The White House and Downing Street refused to confirm the visit would be delayed, but May’s invitation was criticized mainly for Trump’s diplomatic flubs in his first trip abroad since taking office.

According to media reports, Trump told the British Prime Minister last week that he would make the visit if he were given a warm welcome first. He also told her that if there were any rallies against him on London’s streets, he wouldn’t be coming. May was reportedly shocked by Trump’s phone call.

Trump reportedly asked for a carriage ride through the country’s capital with the queen. London authorities, however, were concerned that the carriage couldn’t be fully secured.

London Is Already an Unsafe Place

London has been targeted by terrorists in recent months, so, it’s no surprise that officials are concerned about the safety of the most powerful man on the planet. Plus, Trump’s visit could lure more terrorists in London which could put the lives of Londoners at risk too.

There are little details on the trip, but we do know that Trump has an ongoing feud with London’s first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan. In a recent tweetstorm, Trump attacked Khan for the way he handled the last terrorist attack which killed eight people.

Khan is reportedly urging the Prime Minister to cancel the visit, citing safety concerns.
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