Tweeter in Chief’s Juicy and Rotten Twitter Responses to Georgia Special Election

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With the special election over and the results not so satisfying, we at least can have a laugh (or explosion) over the Trump’s tweets about Handel’s win over Jon Ossoff. She’s more rotten than a peach on a hot summer’s day just like our President but let’s take a look at his horrid tweets, shall we?

In other news, our IQ has probably been lowered 100 points. Maybe if our President would do his job and truly make America great again instead of tweeting all the time (which NO other president since Twitter’s inception has done) things would be a whole lot better. As we see, all he does is bash on intelligent Americans who don’t buy his farce. Handel fight for lower taxes and healthcare? Who are you trying to blind? Democrats would do much better if they sided with Republicans? No, no Mr. President, it’s the other way around, and Republicans see the error of their ways. Huge win for you? What do you have to do with the election? You didn’t do anything! No money spent? Didn’t know we lived in an alternate reality where the fact that this was the most expensive special election in history is non-existent. It looks like for now all we can do is either laugh at his stupidity or be enraged by it until the Frabjous Day where he’s no longer our President.