Uh Oh! Media JUST Uncovered Manafort’s Hidden Finances and It Confirms Previous Reports


On Wednesday it was reported by the Associated Press that they obtained financial records that back up the “Black Ledger” of Paul Manafort’s Ukraine payouts that were discovered in August. Paul Manafort served for a time as Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

The payments show that Manafort did receive compensation from a firm working for a “pro-Russia” political party in Ukraine. The Hill reports:

Manafort had previously challenged the ledger’s authenticity, saying he never took off-the-books payments.
“Any wire transactions received by my company are legitimate payments for political consulting work that was provided,” he said in a statement from consulting firm Davis Manafort.
“I invoiced my clients, and they paid via wire transfer, which I received through a U.S. bank,” Manafort added, noting he agreed to payments according to his “clients’ preferred financial institutions and instructions.”
The Associated Press said one $750,000 payment Manafort’s firm received was described by a Ukrainian lawmaker last month as part of a money-laundering effort that should be probed by U.S. authorities.
A second payment, for $455,249, also matched a ledger entry, the AP said, a document which is part of a larger pattern of corruption under former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

It is now very obvious that the administration is lying about their connections to Russia. Manafort can no longer hide his dirty dealings in Eastern Russia. Hopefully soon, we will get a copy of Trump’s Taxes and blow the lid off this whole thing.

Source: The Hill