Unbelievable! Nunes Inflammatory Remarks About Democrats Investigating Russia


On Wednesday during an interview with NBC News Republican House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes made a ridiculous comment about Democrats. Nunes claims that Democrats are “not serious” about the investigation into Russia. Here is his statement:

“We’re beginning to figure out who’s actually serious about the investigation because it appears like the Democrats aren’t really serious about this investigation.”

Several Democrats have called Nunes to recuse himself after it was discovered that he met with his source on White House grounds. Just yesterday Intelligence Panel member Democrat Jackie Speier said:

I don’t trust him. I mean, I think he is a very nice man. I think he is, frankly, over his head. I think he used very poor judgment and I think he has tainted the committee.”

Political reports that Democrat Eric Swalwell who also sits on the committee suggested that “we would all benefit to sit in the same room and talk about what he saw and who he (Nunes) got it from.”

Nunes is refusing to step aside and told NBC News that the Democrats have not given him a witness list and said:

“So, at the end of the day here, we’re going to get to the truth, we’re going to find out who’s actually doing a real investigation. But, at the end of the day, we will do this investigation with or with the Democrats.”

Below is a transcript of the interview tweeted by Bradd Jaffy senior editor for NBC NEWS.

We cannot stand for this! We must put pressure on our elected Democrats to continue this investigation and hold public hearings.

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Source: Politico