This Allied Country Just Removed Fox News

Fox and Friends hosts welcome Todd Piro

According to a report from The Guardian, Fox News will no longer be airing in the United Kingdom. Fox News confirmed the report Tuesday:

[Fox] has decided to cease providing a feed of Fox News Channel in the UK,

A spokesperson for the news channel said.

You have to love how Fox is trying to blame it on the U.K. when really, the U.K. doesn’t want them. The company also explained that its programming remains focused on the U.S. market and U.S. realities, and the daily average viewership in the U.K. is just a few thousand viewers. Fox News claims that it is no longer in its “commercial interest” to continue airing in the U.K.

Even though the news outlet suggested that its failure in the United Kingdom was not such a bad deal, the Brits are still closely aligned with the U.S., so U.S. politics are as much of concern to them as many of Trump’s policies directly affected them. Fortunately, they have other U.S. news channels to get their much-needed info from such as CNN. And there’s also this joyous source called the Internet.

Since CNN doesn’t have an audience problem, Fox’s “America-centric” excuse does not hold water. The problem may be its take on the news and sometimes blatant lack of objectivity.

Murdoch’s Other Problems in the U.K.

However, there may be an extra hidden reason for the divorce from the U.K. Fox’s chairman Rupert Murdoch is struggling to purchase a huge stake in Europe’s largest pay-TV company, Sky Broadcasting, but he’s been having troubles with British regulators.

Reportedly, Fox News breached its license and Ofcom’s rules 22 times over the last ten years in Britain. For instance, regulators fined the news network four times last year when one of its guests said that Birmingham was a place ‘where non-Muslims just simply don’t go’.

Also, Murdoch’s newspapers were involved in a hacking scandal in the U.K., with reporters being accused of illegally accessing politicians’ and stars’ emails and mobile phones.
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