Utah Teens Doing For Climate Change What Parkland Teens Did For Gun Reform


President Donald Trump and his enablers have surely put America and all of its values and institutions in serious jeopardy. But what’s even scarier is that there isn’t a single adult running things in the executive branch and, frighteningly enough, our spineless Republican Congress is unwilling to stand up to it.

Astonishingly enough, these teenaged kids are the smart and articulate ones showing real leadership on the issue, and their tactics appear to be working.

Utah is the latest example.

Much like the Parkland students took immediate action in the wake of a tragic shooting at their high school, students in Utah are fighting the regressive and anti-science Republicans in their state on climate change – and they’re winning.

Despite the fact that Utah has a Republican super-majority in a state that derives nearly all of its electricity from dirty fossil fuels, the state Legislature adopted a resolution that moves the state from denial of global climate change to the recognition that finding a solution is crucial.

But getting these miserably uninformed industry sycophants to get here was no easy task

It seems a collection of students at Logan High School in Logan, Utah devoted two years to lobby the Legislature to do what was necessary for the fight to combat climate change. Their efforts began in 2016 after they learned that their state’s Legislature passed a resolution that essentially denied climate change and any action on it until the “science was more convincing”

They did this by engaging in the democratic process, educating themselves about the science of climate change and created ad-hoc alliances with other students and business leaders throughout the state.

One of the students, Piper Christian, decided to act and said:

“My generation and generations to come will inherit the many threats that climate change poses.”

Local business leaders who supported the students also wrote to state legislators, saying:

“…We need Utah’s policymakers to help us prepare for the potential effects that a changing climate could have on our state.”

It seems their unflagging efforts paid off.

“Through a combination of networking and building more alliances, things began to move forward. To the students’ amazement, a Republican legislator — Rep. Becky Edwards of Bountiful — sponsored their resolution in the 2017 legislative session. When it was time for a hearing in her committee, the students spoke out forcefully and, some observers said, movingly.”

Let this be a teaching lesson to Americans who might feel hopeless and defeated in the face of such overwhelming stupidity and insanity in Washington: apathy gets you nowhere!

With the Parkland students getting major companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods to stop selling AR-15s and now students in Utah, what seems like a state moving backward actually doing something about climate change, resistance works.

Featured image via YouTube Video.



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