UVA Professor Says Purge Supremacy From the White House

Donald Trump

Following the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia, a professor from the University of Virginia called for a White House purge of white nationalists. Prof Larry Sabato thinks that many of Trump’s inflammatory discourses are written by members of his staff who share white nationalistic views.

Trump Blames ‘All Sides’

After the attack, the president refused to use the term “White Supremacism” when he condemned the attack. Instead, he blamed “all sides” for the hostilities that led to the death of a counter-protester. Trump’s inaction was criticized by Washington, but the White House underlined that Trump is against “all forms of violence, bigotry, and hatred […] including white supremacists” and other extremist groups.

The White House’s latest statement made it clear that white supremacists were targeted by the president in his speech too. Trump’s aides, however, tried to excuse the president on national TV.

For instance, Tom Bossert said Trump did not condemn racists in his speech because he wanted to avoid “dignify[ing] the names of these groups.” Ironically, Trump’s White House has insisted on identifying Muslim terrorists as “radical Islamic terrorists.” Fox News pundits sided with the far-right protesters, complaining that they have somehow morphed into “second-class citizens.”

UVA Prof Wants All Supremacists Out of the WH

On CNN, the attack was properly condemned by Prof. Sabato who noted that Trump is not very popular in Virginia, and not condemning the riot hasn’t helped him. Sabato blasted the president for not saying “the right things.”

He wouldn’t because he won’t denounce part of his base. They’re white supremacists,

the professor said.

Sabato thinks that Trump could help America by firing all white nationalists working for him such as Steve Bannon, who writes his scripts. “Actions speak louder than words,” Sabato added.

When CNN host Brian Stelter reminded him that Bannon doesn’t quite fall into the white nationalist category, Sabato replied that there are other supremacists on Trump’s staff and they should be gone too.
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