Vets Strike Back For Trump’s Veteran Senator Comments

Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaking

President Trump has had a long track record of poor treatment towards service members and veterans. For instance, in July 2015, he said about Sen John McCain of Arizona that he wasn’t a war hero because the Vietnamese managed to capture him.

Draft Dodger Trump

The criticism raised some eyebrows in Washington as Trump is known for receiving several draft deferments that kept him from taking part in the Vietnam war in the 1960s. According to some sources, his father must have bribed a surgeon to lie that he needed surgery to remove bone spurs. Surprisingly, the painful intervention didn’t stop the younger Trump from being an active sports player after enrolling in college.

On the other hand, millions of Americans sought ways of avoiding the draft. Few Americans are as incisive as Trump when it comes to the country’s veterans. In July 2016, Trump responded to Khizr Khan’s criticism by lashing out at his family despite the loss of their veteran son in the Iraq war.

A month later, Trump was awarded a veteran’s purple heart which he accepted saying that he had always wanted one. The move rattled many veterans nationwide.

Trump Slams Veteran Senator

This year, Trump renewed his attacks on veterans. This time, his victim was Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, who served in Vietnam. Trump was upset that Blumenthal pushed for the Russia collusion story, so he called him a cry-baby “phony Vietnam con artist.”

Blumenthal handled the president’s response silently, but many veterans took to Twitter to criticize the Commander in Chief for his recent outburst.

Vets Against Trump reminded him that he had five draft deferments to avoid being drafted for the Vietnam War. Many others slammed him for being a “draft dodger” with a purple heart.
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