Video: Colbert Pokes Fun At Maddow While She Appears With Fallon


Since the election of Donald Trump Stephen Colbert’s, “Late Show” audience has exploded removing Jimmy Fallon as late night king. Colbert’s content on his show has gone after the President and Colbert ratings have skyrocketed because of it. Jimmy Fallon has taken a softer approach to the President and his ratings have declined.

On Wednesday during his show, Colbert pounced on the opportunity to show his new strength and took a strong jab at NBC and Rachel Maddow. Colbert joined the numerous commentators and those in the media criticizing Maddow and did a hilarious parody of Maddow releasing Trump’s 1040’s.

According to NBC News was furious at MSNBC for not notifying them previous to Maddow’s report. NBC News states they did not know about the documents until Maddow tweeted it (seriously). Even though MSNBC and NBC compete for numbers the network was never made aware of the report and felt they should have been given a heads up.

Maddow went on Jimmy Fallon’s show (NBC) to explain what happened and tried to smooth things over. Meanwhile, Colbert was taking a shot at Maddow and NBC via a parody.

‘I hold in my hand something very significant,’ Colbert said in the bit parodying Maddow. ‘A joke that we have confirmed has been heard by Donald Trump,’ he continues, before delivering a meandering soliloquy to delay the punchline.

You can watch Colbert’s parody below:

While on the Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon questioned Maddow:

‘Was there a huge damning bombshell in these returns? No,’ Maddow told Fallon. ‘The bombshell is that some of his tax returns have been released.’I think the reason people are so excited about it is that it’s really weird that the President hasn’t released his tax information.’
‘It’s like speaking to people in a desert, and we have one drop of water.’

You can watch her appearance here:

If you would like to view Trump’s 1040’s from 2005 they are here:



Source:Daily Mail