Cruz Changes His Tune In Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Ironically, Ted Cruz said no to a disaster relief bill by President Barack Obama at a time when Hurricane Sandy was devastating the country. This week, he expressed compassion and willingness to do whatever it takes to provide relief to Hurricane Harvey victims. He even had an explanation for the sudden shift in his stance on natural disaster management.

Cruz Changes His Tune

In 2013, the northeastern parts of the country were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Congress and the White House decided to pass a relief bill to help the victims, but Sen. Cruz was one of the 67 congressmen that opposed the bill.

Now that his home state is under siege by another hurricane, Cruz apparently changed his views completely. Things are a lot different when it happens to you now isn’t it Cruz? So far, Hurricane Harvey has killed eight Texans and left thousands without homes or electricity. Many congressmen from Texas are working on helping the distressed residents. Cruz is one of the lawmakers actively engaged in providing relief, but his critics suspect he’s doing it just to gain political favor.

Rep. Peter King said he will not “abandon Texas the way Ted Cruz did New York” as well as Gov. Chris Christie calling Texas lawmakers “hypocrites.” Rep. Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey tweeted that despite how Texas lawmakers treated the Sandy bill he will send emergency money to Texas.

Cruz Opposes ‘Pork-Barrel Spending’

Cruz told a CNBC reporter Monday that he traveled to Texas to focus on the tragedy. At one point, the reporter asked him why he voted against a relief bill when a similar natural disaster left 150 people dead across multiple states.

Cruz replied that he would have cast a positive vote for the bill, but he didn’t want to approve more “pork-barrel spending” of which two-thirds had nothing to do with providing aid and were another way of Congress wasting taxpayer money. Now you’re just making excuses. Cruz stated that the money was going to wasteful things like fixing the roofs of the Smithsonian, upgrades to the NOAA aircraft, and funding for Head Start. The roof repairs were only 0.00004% of the proposed relief, the aircraft was to be fixed to help predict and study future hurricanes, and the Head Start money was only going to those damaged by Sandy. Cruz’s latest comments come from a politician that said yes to nearly everything Trump proposed, even though Trump called his wife ugly. So, if Cruz is willing to sacrifice the honor of his wife for his political interests, his latest remarks should not come as a surprise to anyone.

It seems that as soon as a deep-red state is in trouble, that’s when the aid comes flying in. In times like this when our country needs to help no matter who you are or what you believe in, we all must come together and be humans helping others for the sake of humanity.


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