Walmart Pulls The Old Bait And Switch On Thousands Of Employees


On Thursday, Walmart announced they would raise the starting wage for new employees to $11, expand parental leave, and issue a one-time bonus to eligible workers. The company said the move will affect about 1 million employees.

While they were at it, Walmart also tipped their cap to Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress, saying their generosity to workers was brought on by the massive tax cuts they just passed. The company – which is the largest retailer in the world – benevolently said they wanted their workers to share in the tax savings:

“We are early in the stages of assessing the opportunities tax reform creates for us to invest in our customers and associates and to further strengthen our business, all of which should benefit our shareholders.”

And then, with much less fanfare, Walmart began closing 63 Sam’s Club stores across the nation, which will leave thousands of employees looking for work.

Just how sudden was the shuttering of the Sam’s Club stores? Some workers said they were never notified and didn’t find out until they showed up for duty Thursday morning.

Via an impersonal posting on Twitter, the Walmart powers-that-be were kind enough to let the world know that while they had just given with one hand, they had also been engaged in a massive takeaway:

Is this what we can expect from the Trump economic model? Don’t forget that telecommunications giant AT&T recently announced they were giving $1,000 bonuses to workers, and then proceeded to cut thousands of positions in the company. They too cheered the GOP tax plan for allowing them to be so generous. But how generous is it to give someone a bonus and then eliminate their job?

Corporate America, much like Trump, is only too happy to pay less – or nothing – in taxes, and even happier to stab their workers in the back if it helps their bottom line.

Featured Image Via Flickr/CC BY 2.0