Elizabeth Warren Rips into AG Sessions for Lying About Russia Ties

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) took to Twitter to voice her outrage at Attorney General Sessions’ falsehoods about contacting the Russian envoy to U.S. during the presidential campaign. Warren said letting Sessions oversee the investigation into Trump aides’ Russian ties is “serious threat to the national security.”

Attorney General Sessions is in the hot seat for allegedly failing to tell Senators during his confirmation hearing that he had a couple of meetings with the Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Senators had asked him if he was aware of any connections between Trump campaign and Moscow. Sessions, who campaigned on behalf of the real estate tycoon, denied any contacts.

Sen. Warren and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are both calling for the AG’s resignation. Pelosi described Sessions’ lies during the hearing as “apparent perjury” which makes him unfit to serve as the country’s top law enforcement officer.

Sen. Warren believes that it was best for Sessions not to have been confirmed in the first place. He is now overseeing the FBI in their investigation into allegations that the Russians influenced the U.S. election.

She added that the allegations were not fake news” but a very serious threat to the U.S. national security. She also called for a special prosecutor with no ties to the current AG to run a “real” and “transparent” probe into Russia.

Other senior congressional Democrats joined the chorus. Rep. Tim Ryan (D.-Ohio) noted in a recent interview that Sessions mislead the entire Congress when he acknowledged he was a surrogate but he denied any ties to Russia’s top spy in the U.S.

What the hell is going on here? Why is everybody lying?,

Ryan said.

During the congressional hearing Sessions dismissed allegations that he contacted the Russian official as “false.” He added that he had never met with anyone from Russia to talk about campaign issues.

His spokesperson Sarah Flores said his remarks in Congress were not misleading. She noted that her boss denied there were any connections between Trump campaign and Moscow, not between his meetings as a senator with the Russian ambassador.

Flores pointed out that last year alone, the former senator had more than 25 meetings with foreign envoys, with whom he discussed in his capacity as a senior member of the Armed Services Committee. Those envoys included the ambassadors from Germany, Canada, Australia, China, India, Poland, Japan, and Russia.

The Justice Department confirmed the meetings, but emphasized the fact that he met with those ambassadors including Kislyak as a member of the Senate’s Armed Serviced Committee, not as a Trump surrogate.

The White House said the latest allegations are the “the latest attack against the Trump Administration by partisan Democrats”. An administration official confirmed Sessions’ and the DOJ’s version of the story and added that there was nothing wrong about his testimony.
Image Source: Washington Spectator