Twitter Explodes After WP Reporter Falls For Trump’s Tactic

President Donald Trump at the 2017 CPAC

On Monday, Trump delivered a speech that was supposed to assure America that he has a solution to the war in Afghanistan, which is the country’s longest running war ever. The complexity of the conflict left two previous presidents scrambling for solutions, but Trump thinks that he can find a way to peace and victory.

An Empty Speech

Trump discussed the war during his Monday speech, but he failed to come up with a timeline or a solution in the end. He seemed committed to destroying terrorists but did not unveil any strategy. He refused to confirm the reports that more troops could be deployed. He did promise an attack but did not say when.

Instead of putting on hold America’s TV viewing for a hollow speech, he could have as well taken to Twitter to say that he plans to do “something” at “some point in the future.”

It is obvious that Trump read the script from a teleprompter as he spoke cautiously and showed no emotion. Although some members of the press praised his performance for being “presidential,” that is not entirely true.

Trump has done this before when he was in deep trouble: he temporarily calmed down and looked presidential by reading other people’s ideas from a teleprompter, and returned to his old self, days, if not hours later.

Nevertheless, Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker was so impressed that he tweeted this after the speech:

Rucker is wrong about the “new President” and the “substance” part, and Twitter’s reaction was swift.

Twitter’s Response

One user sarcastically tweeted that the speech was so impressive that he has already forgotten about the president’s support for white nationalists. Another Twitter user noted that within hours, the president would be off script again, “insanely pandering” to his supporters in Arizona. Other Twitterers reminded the reporter that that was a Teleprompter speech, not the real thing.

Here are some other revealing tweets:

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