Watch Bill Maher Roast ‘Rich Guy’ Kushner

HBO host Bill Maher

HBO host Bill Maher had some harsh words for Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner Saturday night. Maher accused Kushner of being one of the “undeserving” people who quietly sucks up the wealth of the country.

The GOP and the Meritocracy

Maher also underlined that one of the greatest cons the GOP was able to pull off was convincing the working-class American that single mothers who benefit from the federal food stamp program along with immigrant dreamers are the primary reason they are not achieving the American Dream. The HBO host thinks that Jared and other rich guys in politics are the ones who are depleting the nation of its wealth.

Maher also blasted Kushner and other wealthy Republicans for calling people who are not born to a wealthy family “entitled.”

They’re dead set against the underprivileged getting special consideration because [they say] that dis-incentivizes self-reliance, and it’s not achieving through merit,

Maher continued.

He pointed out that the last thing the wealthy want is a meritocracy because if that were how society worked, they would stop winning. So, it is no wonder that the GOP named a billionaire businessman as their presidential nominee last summer.

The Real Reason the GOP is Full of Billionaires

It is worth noting that the GOP has catered for the interests of Wall Street and corporate America for decades. For instance, Goerge W. Bush and Mitt Romney are two examples of GOP politicians who made fortunes before launching their presidential bid.

Maher couldn’t grasp why the working class would elect billionaires to represent them and why Trump’s working class supporters criticize the poor and middle class for receiving federal assistance. The late-night host added that Kushner is so silent because he benefits from the “rich guy affirmative action” while in power.

You can watch Maher’s scathing critique of Kushner here: