Watch: Black Trump Spokeswoman Praises Slavery

John Hopkins University’s Wendy Osefo and GOP spokeswoman Katrina Pierson

GOP activist and Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said on Fox News that slavery was a “good” part of the American history and symbols reminding us of it should not be taken down.

A Heated Debate

Pierson is a CNN and Fox News contributor that many of us have become accustomed to, but on Fox & Friends, she made a remark that is hard to stomach. Following Trump’s decision to blame “both sides” for the violent protests in Charlottesville, VA, Fox News analysts decided to discuss whether Confederate monuments should be left alone or moved into a museum.

The guests were Pierson and John Hopkins University’s Wendy Osefo, who are both African Americans. The statues’ critics claim that the monuments are a reminder that whites should dominate minorities.

The exchange got heated when they started discussing slavery, a topic deeply linked to the Confederacy. Unsurprisingly, Pierson said Confederate statues are part of the country’s ‘good history’ and should not be removed. But when the John Hopkins professor asked her if slavery was good history too, the Trump spokeswoman proudly replied yes.

Pierson Cleaning Up Trump’s Mess Again

It is not the first time Pierson betrays her black brethren. Last year, she was accused of being a subservient black that had to clean up Trump’s mess on the air on a daily basis. At the time, the then-presidential hopeful declined to distance himself from the KKK. Subservient blacks are often known as “Uncle Tom” among the black community.

During the presidential campaign, Pierson made other shocking comments on various topics. Ironically, she was asked to fill the position of deputy White House press secretary, but she turned it down. Imagine what other controversial claims she could have made from behind the podium.

You can watch the exchange here.



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