These Military Veterans Get an Amazing Gift


Denny Dorman, a Korean War veteran, was told by the VA that he would have to pay thousands of dollars for a service dog.

Dorman decided to take his search elsewhere. He came across the Puppy Jake Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Iowa that provides service dogs to veterans with PTSD and mobility issues for free.

Service dogs can be a valuable tool in the management of PTSD.

“The dog learns their triggers so that the dog can wake them up from their nightmares and stop their flashbacks and all that. And it makes them feel fulfilled like I just did with my dog. They’re out showing, ‘look what I did with my dog.” – Mary Peter, founder of Florida nonprofit K9 Partners for Patriots

In fact, researchers have growing evidence that bonding with dogs also has important biological effects. One of those effects is having elevated levels of the hormone oxytocin.

“Oxytocin improves trust, the ability to interpret facial expressions, the overcoming of paranoia, and other pro-social effects – the opposite of PTSD symptoms.” – Meg Daley Olmert of Baltimore’s Warrior Canine Connection.

The Puppy Jake Foundation provided Dorman with a service dog.

“He means the world. I don’t know what I would do without him.” – Dorman

How beautiful is that!

Dozens of veterans attended a fundraiser to keep the foundation, which runs on donations, up and running.

“We run solely on donations. So without the public’s support, we can’t be able to provide dogs for our veterans.” – Josh Schoenblatt of the Puppy Jake Foundation

The foundation is committed to helping Iowa veterans until their needs are met.

“Not only have I acquired a dog, but I’ve acquired a lot of friends through the Puppy Jake Foundation.” – Dorman

We’re in tears over how heartwarming this is. You can go to the Puppy Jake Foundation website to donate, volunteer to be a foster family, volunteer your services in general, or apply for your own service dog.

Watch the video here and well as an informative video below.