Watergate’s John Dean Breaks Silence: Trump Gives Me…

John Wesley Dean Watergate

President Richard Nixon’s counsel during the Watergate scandal, John Dean, made a series of shocking remarks about President Donald Trump in an interview with Sky News. Dean said that America never had a president like Trump and this fact alone gives him nightmares.

Is Trump Angry or Insane?

While many Americans see the new Commander in Chief as a leader with autocratic tendencies, suffering from egomania and narcissism, Dean believes half of America is now divided about whether Trump is just “totally angry man” or plainly “insane.” Most, however, believe he isn’t fit to be president.

Dean cited some statistics, saying that 40 percent of U.S. voters approve of Trump and are happy with the way he’s doing his job, while 10 percent are either confused or simply don’t care.

We’ve never had a President like this, and that’s why I have nightmares,

Dean said.

The veteran strategist served under President Nixon in the 1970s, and at the time the Federal Bureau Agency labeled him as a “master manipulator” within the administration. Dean believes Trump is suffering from “attention deficit disorder” as he had made no effort to at least look more presidential in the eyes of his voters.

He described the entire situation as an “unfolding disaster.” He added that he is grateful every morning he wakes up and learns that the billionaire hasn’t blown up some country around the world.

Dean agreed to be the key witness in the Watergate trial after he was allowed to plead guilty to just one felony. In our days, the Trump administration had another version of John Dean under the guise of retired general and former national security adviser to the president, Michael Flynn.

Flynn too is now trying to escape prosecution and offered to testify before Congress in the Trump-Russia scandal if he’s granted immunity from prosecution in return. Sources within the FBI described the proposal as “not on the table, Counsel” and nobody is seemingly interested in accepting it.

Dean on Trump: ‘Worst to Come’

Dean, who is now a lecturer and author, has echoed the concerned voiced by two former government officials. Richard Painter who served as Chief Council under the George W Bush administration and Norman Eisen, another Chief Ethics Counsel who served under Obama administration sued Trump for his alleged conflicts of interest in the U.S. and overseas.

Meanwhile, Trump’s approval ratings sank 35 percent in late March, according to Gallup, which makes the lowest rating for a U.S. president in such as short period of time since inauguration.

Dean tweeted before the interview:

In January, he told The Atlantic that the U.S. has never been “at the whims of an authoritarian personality” such as Trump. Before the Inauguration, Dean said the real estate tycoon would tests the U.S. democracy as it has ever been tested.

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