What Trump Actually Did During His First Day Shows Just How Shallow He Really Is


Hunting down ISIS, the Russians who interfered with the U.S. election or covert Washington lobbyists? How did President Trump spend his very first day in office? CBS News was curious enough to file a Freedom of Information Act request to find out.

And the findings are mind-blowing. CBS reports Trump spent the entire day on the search of the National Park Service employee that retweeted two side-by-side pictures of his inaugural crowd and a picture of Obama’s 2009 inaugural crowd, respectively, for the sake of accuracy.

Trump inaugural crowd size

The mystery retweeter used the NPS’ official account which was shut down soon after he posted the retweet. The White House told CBS that no one requested for the message to be deleted or for the account to be suspended.

Trump ‘Directly Involved’ in the Search

CBS found Trump was so “concerned” about the retweet that he got “directly involved” in the internal investigation. The president called the agency’s Acting Director Mike Reynolds to complain about the retweet, an NPS email exchange between Chief of Digital Strategy Tim Cash and Chief Information Security Officer Shaun Cavanaugh shows. On Jan. 21, Cash wrote the issue was clearly “very sensitive” since the president contacted Reynolds on that day.

The White House has yet to reply to a request for comment regarding the revelations.

Following the FOIA request, CBS got access to an internal memo detailing the agency’s efforts to track down the person who upset the president. An NPS staffer wrote that they learned the retweeter used a San Bruno, Calif-based Internet Service Provider. So, the agency verified all social media points of contacts using the said ISP. The memo also shows that the agency was concerned its account had been compromised.
Image Source: Wikimedia