What’s The Deal With Trump’s Hair? Plastic Surgeons Explain The Mystery


We’ve all wondered more than once what exactly is going on with President Trump’s hair. Is that a toupee? A weave? Or could that mop atop his head actually be his own hair, as he’s repeatedly asserted?

The controversy was reignited last week when a video of Trump boarding Air Force One surfaced which seemed to suggest that Trump had some sort of scar running down the back of his head:

The hint of a scar down the back of Trump’s scalp set off widespread speculation that the president had scalp reduction surgery. And there’s some historical evidence to suggest that’s indeed the case.

Trump’s first wife, Ivana, said in a 1990 divorce deposition that Trump had indeed been a client of  noted plastic surgeon Steven Hoefflin, who also did procedures for Michael Jackson, Joan Rivers, and Elizabeth Taylor. Confronted with that information in 1993, Trump denied he’d been to a plastic surgeon.

What is a Scalp Reduction?

Scalp-reduction surgery involves cutting the scalp and pulling sections of it forward in order to fill a bald spot on the head.

Dr. Lisa Ishii, a professor of otolaryngology at Johns Hopkins University who has performed scalp reductions, explains:

“Scalp skin is very stiff skin. It’s very hard to pull together the skin edges and get them to close to each other if you cut out anything beyond a half dollar size piece of skin.

“If you had a large bald area, you’d have to have several procedures in a row before you actually achieved your goal to cut out the bald spot. You can’t do it in one fell swoop.”

The Transplant Route

Could Trump have received a hair transplant instead of scalp reduction? Dr. Samuel Lam, owner of the Texas-based Lam Institute for Hair Restoration, notes that transplantation is less involved than scalp reduction surgery:

“If you continually reduce a crown progressively, it begins to look like a normal slot in the back of the head, and the hairs grow abnormally out.”

Having seen the video of Trump boarding Air Force One, Lam added that he’s convinced Trump went the scale reduction route:

“If you see a vertical incision on the back of the scalp on the crown, that’s very typical of a scalp reduction.

“Most likely, he [Trump] had it.”

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab