While All Eyes Are on Trumpcare, Fox News Eyes Obama’s Vacations

Obama on vacation

While the rest of the nation is focused on the passage of Trumpcare and the last-minute negotiations, Fox News ran a segment on Obama’s vacations. The president’s favorite news channel pretended that the day’s biggest news was former President Barack Obama’s vacationing habits. Loons.

Fox Distracts Viewers’ Attention with Obama’s Vacations

With pompous headlines like “Lap of Luxury” and “Obama’s lavish globetrotting vacations raise Democrats’ eyebrows,” Fox News channel dissected the “level of luxury” of the Obamas’ vacation.

The channel conceded that presidents “understandably” enjoy their vacations before slamming Obama for spending more than any modern-day presidents on holiday trips. They even cited John Oliver’s joke that while America is “on fire” the media floods us with pictures of the former president with Richard Branson kite surfing.

“Just tone it down with the kite-surfing pictures. I’m glad he’s having a nice time – America is on fire,”

Oliver said in a with Late Night appearance with Seth Meyers.

Ironically, those comments were made by Oliver in February not June, but that tiny detail didn’t stop Fox from making their point. Not that it worked, sorry Fox News but we can see through your lies.

Obama Criticizes Trumpcare

Meanwhile, while Fox News is blatantly ignoring a healthcare reform bill that would leave tens of millions without health insurance, President Obama took to Facebook to explain why the bill is so wrong.

He noted that any American who wants to start a family or gets sick or old will be harmed by the bill. The former president also accused Republicans of building the healthcare reform on a “fundamental meanness” which will not be changed by the “small tweaks” in the legislation.

Trump blasted Obama for the comments underlined that it was him who first described the legislation as “mean” earlier this month. The president pointed out that he wants a reform bill with a “heart”. All right Obama! Don’t let the fake news media distract us from what’s really important. You deserve some R&R from your time as President, we miss you!

Image Source: Wikimedia