While America Is Busy with Headlines, GOP Is Silently Dismantling ObamaCare

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In his first five months as president, Trump has been the source of zillions of headlines detailing the numerous scandals dogging the White House. As America is busy reading the newspapers, the Senate GOP is silently dismantling what’s left of Obamacare.

GOP Refuses to Release the Draft Bill

Trump and GOP congressmen now want to strip millions of their healthcare for the sake of savings despite the public’s opposition. According to a national poll from the  Quinnipiac University, only 1 in 5 Americans (or 21%) back the Republican Party’s health care overhaul, while 5 in 10 support Obamacare.

This may be why the GOP is planning to deliver the final blow to the former president’s signature health care law in great secrecy. Earlier this week, they refused to make public the draft of the final version of the American Health Care Act also known as Trumpcare.

The GOP leadership said Monday they plan to withhold the proposed bill from the public view until the Congressional Budget Office issues their review on the plan. “We aren’t stupid,” one GOP lawmaker replied when a reporter asked him why his party would hide the plan.

He also explained that it wouldn’t be wise to make public the draft bill as long as a consensus hasn’t been reached. However, there is also the possibility that the GOP is aware that the public may be opposing the plan as soon as they set their eyes on it.

Things Could Be Worse

Experts, though, think things could be even worse. One Trumpcare critic blasted the GOP health care overhaul proposal for being un-American. The new bill is not just about revamping the U.S. healthcare system. It is a “life-or-death legislation” affecting one-sixth of Americans, the critic noted. According to a CBO previous projection, in 10 years’ time, 50 million Americans will not have health insurance under the new law.

Critics underscored that the GOP bill is so secret that, at one point, not even the Republican Senators asked to vote on it would know what they are to pass.

Another critic was shocked by the Republicans’ “breathtaking hypocrisy.” When congressional Democrats first unveiled Obamacare to the GOP, the Tea Party complained about the proposed law’s lack of transparency.
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