Here Is the Reason the White House Leaker Said He Gave the Info to the Washington Post

Conservative media pundit Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson who runs the conservative blog The Resurgent claims he knows who gave the Washington Post a tip that Trump leaked sensitive information to two top government officials from Russian last Wednesday. Erickson also argues that the source told him the reason why he did it: the president doesn’t listen to any of his advisers, can’t handle any internal criticism, so, he needed a “swift kick in the butt.”

Trump Cares More about Media than Advisers

The leaker also told the right-wing media pundit that Trump is so insecure that he perceives nearly any criticism or piece of advice as an attack directed at him. This is why he turns a deaf ear to criticism and hardly ever listens to his advisers.

The leaker said he was so concerned about how Trump handled states secrets that he had the urge to leak the Intel gaffe to the press to make him stop. The source confirmed the president is more concerned about what the media is saying about him than what his aides are advising him to do.

It is unclear how much of Erickson’s revelations are true, but he had earned other leakers’ trust in the past like that time he broke the news Kevin McCarthy was having an affair. The Republican withdrew his bid for House Speaker two years ago, but he denied allegations.

Trump Struggling with Insecurity

Erickson reported Tuesday that the source has been very supportive of Trump on the campaign trail. The source reportedly told him Trump doesn’t listen to any piece of advice no matter how politely it is delivered.

He does not want advice, cannot be corrected, and is too insecure to see any constructive feedback as anything other than an attack,

Erickson wrote in a blog post.

As a result, many administration staff members go to the media with “messy stories” hoping the “intense blowback” would wake the president up. The source also told the conservative blogger that what Trump did last Wednesday was “far worse” than the media has reported.
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