Will Yates Be Finally Able to Tell Her Story?

Former Acting AG Sally Yates

FBI Director James Comey testified yesterday before a Senate intelligence panel on the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia. Now, all eyes are now on former Attorney General Sally Yates, as her abrupt termination by Trump has raised more questions than answers.

CNN found that Yates had had information about disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn’s ties to Russian operatives long before his vetting, and she had warned Trump in advance. However, the president ignored her concerns even though, less than a month later, Flynn had to resign amid a massive scandal.

Flynn had reportedly lied to VP Mike Pence and other administration officials about his contacts with Russian agents during the transition period. In December, Flynn reassured Russia behind Trump’s back that the Obama-era sanctions on the country would be gone after Trump is sworn in.

Trump Knew about Flynn

According to the CNN report, Yates had warned the president three months before Flynn’s ouster. In other words, Trump needed 21 full days to fire a top government official that worked for a foreign entity. What’s more, the Commander in Chief told the press he had no idea about Flynn’s wrongdoings before Feb. 10.

People familiar with the matter said Yates is ready to testify before the congressional committee and stick to her version of the story. Yates claims that she warned Trump via his official lawyer, Don McGahn, three weeks earlier.

Trump fired the interim AG after less than two weeks on the job because she declined to enforce his “extreme” travel ban on Muslim visitors coming from countries with a high risk of terrorism. At the time, the White House accused Yates of being an Obama loyalist that undermined the new administration’s policies. She was also accused of being “weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration.” Trump unveiled he fired her because he needed to “get serious about” protecting the country.
Image Source: Wikimedia