New Withings Scale Can Measure Heart Health Too


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Being able to see a record of your progress is often an incredible motivator when you’re setting out to lose weight. This is probably the reason why the first three iterations of Withings’ internet-connected scale remained popular enough to warrant a fourth version.

With the latest version, dubbed the Body Cardio, an additional metric was added to measure how healthy your heart is, as well.

Including all of the capabilities of previous versions of the scale, the Body Cardio keeps track of a user’s weight, muscle mass, body fat mass, water level in the body, and current heart rate. All you have to do is stand on it barefoot.

The novelty of the recent Body Cardio is a new useful measurement: the scales can measure the user’s heart’s Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV). But what exactly is the PWV?

It measures the speed at which vibrations produced by your beating heart reverberate along the walls of your arteries. A high PWV is an indicator of stiff arteries, which in turn suggests high blood pressure. By comparison, a low PWV indicates the opposite, and a healthier heart.

Testing one’s Pulse Wave Velocity usually takes place at a doctor’s office or a hospital and is normally performed only if a patient already has a history of high blood pressure.

But with Withings’ new Body Cardio scale, anyone can do it as the device can measure the user’s PWV by the amount of time it takes for the blood flow to reach from the heart’s aorta to blood vessels in their feet.

However, the creators have emphasized that using the Body Cardio scale should not replace regular doctor checkups and physicals. The measurements are meant to provide users with early clues about possible blood pressure concerns, and encourage them to see a doctor if necessary.

Just like previous versions of the Withings scales, the Body Cardio simply connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network and it pairs with Withings Health Mate app to send you the measurements. The app runs on both iOS and Android, giving you a quick weather report every morning before you step off the scale.

For $180, you can buy the Withings Body Cardio today on the company’s website, or the Apple Store. No, it’s not clad in gold, but its frosted glass top and aluminum base definitely match its advanced functionality.
Image Source: The Verge