Woman Refuses to Take Off Trump Hat for License Photo, Cites RELIGION

Diver's License of Cheryl Hall in Florida

A Florida woman picked an argument with a local DMV office over the appropriateness of wearing her Make America Great Again hat in a driver’s license photo. In fact, the woman loves the president so much she wanted an official proof of it and she cited religion as a reason.

Woman Likens the Trump Hat to a Hijab

Late last March, Cheryl Hall paid the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles a visit to have her driver’s license renewed. But this time, she wanted to wear the MAGA hat. When an employee asked her to remove the item in order to have the photo for the license taken, she said no.

She implied she is discriminated against as a “young lady over there” was wearing a veil around her face also known as a hijab in the photo and authorities were perfectly fine with it. When a state employee, told her that the garment was part of the young woman’s religion, Hall replied:

 If that’s her religion, this is my religion!,pointing at the red hat.

This Trump fan is so fascinated with Trump that she feels her religious liberty has been violated over a hat. In other words, she perceives the Trump hat which was generously given out at campaign rallies as a religious garment.

The woman was successful after a first attempt, and DMV workers let her wear the hat in the photo. The agency explained the worker who conceded to the woman’s whim was only following the DMV manual. DMV guidelines clearly state that the photo should have the person’s full face.

A Brief Victory

Hall rejoiced over the victory. She said she wanted a new license with her wearing the red hat for her birthday. She added that she simply fought for what she “believe[d] in” with state authorities. The woman also said that the requirement to take the hat off did not make any sense to her.

However, the victory was brief as the DMV notified the woman that she will have to retake the picture. DMV officials explained that a Trump hat does not have the religious association a Muslim hijab has. The woman learned the hard way Trump is not a religion although his followers often act like a cult.

Cheryl Hall is not an isolated case, though. Trump fans nationwide raised eyebrows during the presidential campaign because of their ardent support of Trump. Last year, hundreds of supporters – middle-aged men included – ran across a field in Warwick, Rhode Island, to greet Trump at a local train station. The same group chased the candidate’s caravan down the street to have a closer look at their leader.

In the meantime, Trump fans were threatening to riot if Trump lost the nomination in a move that would have made Watts and Rodney’s protests “look like Romper Room,” as an analyst put it.

Another red flag that Trump’s supporters are caught in a cult-like mentality is their refusal to face tough questions. Many get angry if a sensitive question pops up and their default answer is because Trump says so. So, any challengers to that dogma are labeled as “establishment.”