Wyden DEMANDS IMMEDIATE Trump, Putin Investigation


Senator Ron Wyden, Oregon Democrat, demands all investigations into President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin’s plan to subvert the election and put President Donald J Trump in office must happen—now.

According to the US intelligence community, a Russian hack conducted by Putin’s spies got Trump in office. It’s alleged that Trump and associates interacted with Russia during the campaign. This clamor quieted down when Trump moved into the White House.

FBI examined connections between Trump’s entourage and Putin’s associates—without offering detail—before Trump won the presidency.

Fourteen days after Trump took office, Senator Wyden demands attention be refocused. He claims leaders must review the private intelligence memos which reveal a multi-year-long secret program with Russia to get Trump in office.

Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, implied there were contractual agreements between Trump’s team and Russian officials.

Although Republicans don’t want to delegitimize their party, Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio combined with Democrats are calling for inspection. The Senate intelligence committee vows to look into it. House intelligence is on board. The public is left in the dark.

This isn’t just about national security—it’s political security. The danger in sticking your neck out too far is that your head might get lobbed off.

Senator Wyden claims Trump-Russia government ties be declassified and then be released to the American people. He says they should have done it before Trump entered the White House.