You’ll Never Believe How Much President Donald J. Trump is Costing You … In Vacations


In case you’re counting pennies, President Donald Trump has billed taxpayers for 242 hours of vacations, mostly at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

If continues at this rate he will cost tax payers $104 million annually.

In vacations.

He’s only been in office 1,060 hours.

Consider it a working vacation, however.

He did, after all, deal with a North Korean missile crisis while having dinner with the Japanese Prime Minister.

President Trump previously criticized former President Barack Obama for taking time off to vacation while in office. He was out of the office 7 percent of the time and his costs mounted to $10.6 per year throughout his tenue.

Each time President Trump visits Mar-a-Lago it costs roughly $3 million.

What a waste!

Source: Trump is costing taxpayers 10 times more than Obama on vacations