Your Time is Up My Time is Now: Voters Decide Between Ossoff and Handel in Georgia Battle


Today is the day, it’s June 20th, and voters are deciding between Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel for the 6th Congressional District spot. The race itself is a huge toss-up: Democratic enthusiasm in a deep red district. Handel makes outrageous claims about supporting “great healthcare, ” but Ossoff has been doing well according to DailyKos:

Arlene Meyer, 47, a homemaker, said she has knocked on more than 1,500 doors for Ossoff. On Thursday afternoon, Meyer and her friend Cathy Karell, a 56-year-old retail manager, were going around a neighborhood in 89-degree weather to talk to people about Ossoff and make sure they voted. […]

According to Ossoff’s campaign spokeswoman, Sacha Haworth, they’ve had more than 11,000 volunteers and knocked on half a million doors. If you include all the calls and texts they’ve sent, the campaign says they’ve made one million voter contacts. USA TODAY found that at least one potential voter had been contacted at least 15 times, without committing to Ossoff.
But despite all that, Handel has the huge advantage of being a Republican in a Republican district, and that’s why this race is such a nail-biter. We won’t have to wait too much longer to know how it turns out, but in the mean time, make sure everyone you know in Georgia’s 6th turns out and votes for Jon Ossoff.

Let’s just hope this deeply red district sees the horror in Handel and becomes blue.